HR 4167 Update

Colin Delany from National Environmental Trust writes in with some news on HR 4167:

Hi, I have a quick update on the bill that would preempt state food safety
laws, HR 4167. House floor debate is still scheduled for today, but it looks like the actual vote will be postponed until next week. Opponents of the bill think this is because of the number of amendments that have been offered as a result of stepped-up public and press attention.

Also, thirty-seven state attorneys general have added themselves to the list of those opposed to the bill. They’ve just issued a letter to members of Congress urging them to oppose the bill because it undercuts state’s rights and consumer protection.

We have more about these developments, including a copy of the AG letter, on our site:

Along with an action alert:

Thanks for helping to spread the word. This looks like one of those cases where it’s actually working.

For those of you calling in and letting your reps know what you think, many thanks as you are making a clear difference.

Meanwhile, I’ll get back to actually writing a post sometime later this week.

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