Iced Coffee

I have been a coffee-addict for a very long time.

I first started drinking it in high school as a response to several factors, namely, my addiction to Gilmore Girls (both main characters were completely addicted to coffee), my new insomniac tendencies (I preferred staying up all night writing to sleeping) and the fact that drinking black coffee made me feel angsty, and every teenager growing up in the early 2000s needed to feel angsty at least once in the course of his/her high school career.

Since then, my relationship with coffee has been tumultuous. I’ve gone back and forth, from taking the New York subway down to Porto Rico, buying pound bags to get my fix, to giving up coffee entirely for several months last year when I was convinced it was giving me chronic headaches.

But now we’re back to being friends, coffee and I. There’s the morning mug, made strong and black with the French press, the occasional afternoon espresso, and, of course, my vice: iced coffee.

Iced coffee has become much more popular ever since the Starbucks invasion, but iced black coffee has been common in New York for years. I never knew that putting the morning beverage on ice and sipping it with a straw was uncommon in other parts of the world until I moved to Canada and found that, upon ordering coffee over ice, I received the strangest of stares.

Since then, I’ve grown accustomed to people looking at me strangely when I ask for my coffee cold, but to me, there’s nothing better on a warm afternoon than a cup of coffee that can be sucked through a straw in a record 10 seconds, or even just lazily sipped as I window-shop.

So I guess I’ll put up with the strange looks I get from people working in coffee shops when I ask them to make me a café americain (watered-down espresso) with cold water and over ice. Maybe I’ll get over the fact that Alex likes to report this habit to fellow Frenchmen with all the awe and disbelief of someone talking about a circus freak. I’m perfectly happy to continue hanging out with my friend of six years, iced black coffee.

Anyone else out there as addicted as I am?