It’s the Journey of Hedonism (Not just the destination)

No one looks forward to a funeral. Always last minute, always a scramble to adjust plans, make travel arrangements, determine the most somber outfit. And, of course, the obvious. Someone has passed.

I was absent last week from my AH blog post due to a family friend’s passing. The dearly departed had been a lifelong friend and music mentor of my Mom’s. In returning to a former hometown and possibly reuniting with old acquaintances, I knew Mom would also have the difficult task of saying goodbye to a very good friend. I agreed right away to meet her for the funeral.

In trying to soften the blow a bit, I scoured the standard travel websites to determine the best place for our brief stay. A chain motel by the mall? A boutique hotel downtown? Something cheap near the memorial service? As an avid traveler, I wanted something more comforting for the occasion.

Lo and behold, the heavens smiled upon our traveling plans, and I stumbled across the Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa during my accommodation search. The comforting wellness resort, located in the center of Sacramento, offers a recently developed five-room European villa as a bed and breakfast for both club members and resort guests. The Villas at Arden Hills are absolutely breathtaking, from the design and decor of the rooms to the exquisite luxury of the grounds themselves, and unlike any B&B I’ve ever experienced. The property is lined with water fountains and marble, with each guestroom including a fireplace and tub built for two.

For the same price as the motel at the mall, Mom and I enjoyed our brief stay in the Barcelona room, with breakfast served each morning by the inn’s kitchen staff. The full-service country club, with its restaurants, spa, salon, and swimming pools galore, was only a brief walk from the Villas as well. To say the wonderfully unexpected experience helped to ease the pain of the funeral would be an understatement.

We didn’t get a chance to nosh, but the scents from the club’s main restaurant, Mango’s, were heavenly, and fellow guests raved about the food.

The Villas at Arden HIlls

Arden Hills Country Club & Spa
The Villas at Arden Hills
1220 Arden Hills Lane
Sacramento, CA 95864