Julia Child

August 15, 1912 – August 13, 2004

Rest in Peace

There’s a wonderful tribute to her on the New York Times page. From the tribute:

“Her career was also marked by an integrity not often on display in a business in which loyalty to products lasts only as long as the endorsement dollars. Mrs. Child was always a star, never a spokesman. She prided herself on not granting endorsements, because she was “devoted to public television,” and she was not afraid to mock sponsors of her advertising-free programs. She once demonstrated how to break off a part on a Cuisinart to make it less cumbersome to use even as the manufacturer’s representatives sat in the audience.”

To the end, Mrs. Child maintained her image as the ultimate bon vivant, a California girl with easy French tastes. Whenever she was asked what her guilty pleasures were, she responded: “I don’t have any guilt.”

Julia, Bon Voyage. You will be mised.