Just a few Whisk(e)y Observations

On Christmas day I was asked to lead a little whiskey tasting. As I generally enjoy being the center of attention, I graciously agreed to their request.

Some things I found out –

  • Some people don’t realize that Bourbon and Scotch are whiskeys, instead believing them to be their own type of liquor. This surprised me quite a bit, as I presumed most everyone knew that bourbons and scotches (and ryes for that matter) all fall under the “whiskey” category.
  • There are also a group of people who believe that all whiskeys taste the same. A derivation to this are the folks who believe that all scotches/Irish Whiskys/bourbons taste the same. This belief was quickly and easily debunked.
  • Finally, and I suppose this could be said for many products out there, but many folks who say that they “don’t like whiskey” actually have only had bad whiskey, or have been told that the only way to drink it is straight (which gives you a large taste of alcohol and ends up numbing lips and tongues).

My question to all of the above observations is as follows: How prevalent are these point of views?