Just Desserts

Time for me to bitch…restaurants who give little or no thought to their dessert selection make me upset. This doesn’t just happen at the chain restaurants (The TGIFridays, the Applebee’s, the Chili’s), but even at locally owned joints. It’s really enough to ruin a meal for me at times.

How can you tell if they’ve given no thought to their desserts? Well, I’ve seen the following desserts on more than a few menus throughout the restaurants I’ve been:

  • Cheesecake (any variation)
  • Creme Brulee (any variation)
  • Carrot Cake
  • A Chocolate Decadence type dessert (sometimes called chocolate explosion, or chocolate insanity)
  • A pie or crumble type dish with vanilla ice cream on top
  • Tiramisu

How uninspired! There’s so much available to make, and most of it on the cheap, that it’s near blasphemy to put these on a menu. Ever hear of parfaits? How about Red Velvet Cake? The Dessert world is almost unexplored at most restaurants!

And dont’ even get me started on outsourced desserts. On more than one occaission I have turned to Tara while sticking a fork into a dish and said “They didn’t make this here”. I understand that there are costs to deal with, but do you know the labor costs of making a strawberry shortcake? Virtually nil. Make your cake in the morning, and when ordered plate with whipped cream and maserated strawberries, place in a bowl with cream, and voila! It’s that easy.

I know I know, I’m getting worked up over this, but when did restaurants wave a white flag when it comes to desserts? But if you want to differentiate your place from the others, desserts is where I would start.

I will now get off of my soapbox.

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