Justify your Knife

I am now officially in the market for a great…not good, but great…chef’s knife.

This is the knife to which I will call my own, the one that I wish to leave to someone once I leave this mortal coil. My previous knives have ranged from the cheap to the poorly maintained. The go to knife in my kitchen actually belongs to Tara, a gift that I purchased for her several years ago (a Japanese knife whose name escapes me as of this writing). So I’ve decided that I need my own.

I’m going to document my research surrounding this quest, providing myself (and this you fine folks) reference material to which I will make ultimate decision.

But, to kick off this grand event, I’m going to ask of you all to provide in the comments your knife stories; how much thought you’ve given to your knives, what brands (if any) you prefer, what you look for in your knives. I’m looking for any advice at all, and will consume or discard as necessity requires.