KFC and Taco Bell ‘s bait and switch to oil with no trans fat

What great news! No more trans fats in these fast foods! So now, eating fried chicken and deep fried chalupas are perfectly healthy!


Okay, back to reality for a second. Let me state a point that the marketers for these stores (both owned by Yum! Brands) need to understand -

As a general rule, there is no such thing as a healthy food that has been deep fried. There may be exceptions, but I’m betting that deep fried chicken doesn’t quite fall into the exception list.

Or to put it another way: just because you made a product “less unhealthy” doesn’t mean that it suddenly becomes “healthy”.

Meanwhile, let me make a prediction regarding KFC”s intent to stamp each bucket of chicken with a health message. I predict that each health message will either obfuscate or ignore the true health ramifications of eating fried chicken on a regular basis.

We’ll see how close I am to predicting the truth.