Kid’s Menus

It was meant as only an aside, but it seems to have struck a chord with a fair amount of people. It isn’t the “Kid’s in Restaurants”, but rather my quick note on Kid’s Menus which has elicited a fair amount of reaction.

There’s two issues surrounding “Kids Menus”. The first has to do with menu composition, the second has to do with their applicability.

I’m not against Kid’s Menu’s per se, but I am against this idea that these restaurants have to interpret “kid friendly” as meaning that they have to provide foods that fall outside the menu that has been provided to the adults. To put it another way, why should an owner of a seafood restaurant put Mac n Cheese and Hot Dogs on a menu, other than because a parent requested it? Why aren’t kid-sized portions of the regular menu sufficient?

Now if an owner wants to put hot dogs and Mac n Cheese on their menu, that’s fine. But owners are not and should not be obliged to do so, and they shouldn’t feel compelled to do so, especially when the clientèle they are looking for tend to be less family oriented. When the initial commenter of Ama Ama made the remark that the place “lacked a kids menu”, she missed the point of the restaurant. Having been to this place, I can tell you, it’s not aimed at the family market. I’m willing to bet my next paycheck that her comment and her misunderstanding is a common one on restaurants that have no “official” menu for children.