Kit Kat vs. Kit Kat

Living within a 2 hour drive of the Canadian border, I am aware of the differences in candy found in our fair country versus the ones found in the Maple Leaf country to the north. I particularly noticed in with KitKat bars, with the ones found in the states being rather uninspiring (until last year, they were only in one flavor…chocolate). Those I found in Canada were amazing in their variety of flavors. Upon the shelves were Chocolate KitKats, as well as strawberry, orange, mint, vanilla.

“What the hell?” I asked myself.”Why does Canada get a diverse option of KitKats while we’re stuck with the Joe Average of candy bars?”

The reason, I have found out, is that KitKats are actually owned by two different companies. Here in the States, KitKat is owned by Hershey’s, while everyone else in the world has their KitKat bars made by the other mega-candy behemoth Nestlé’s.

Candy Blog has the reason for this discrepancy:

KitKat was first introduced in 1935 by London candymaker Rowntree under the name Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp. A couple of years later they settled on the name KitKat Chocolate Crisp. The bar has always been the familiar four finger design and was an immediate big-seller for the company. It was briefly produced as a dark chocolate bar during the war because of dairy shortages, but returned to its familiar sweet milk chocolate recipe in 1947. In 1969 the American owned Hershey Corp bought the rights to manufacture and sell KitKat bars in the United States. I don’t think you will find American KitKats sold anywhere else in the world, probably part of the agreement. Rowntree was later purchased by Nestle in 1988 but the KitKat remains the same.

Nestlé has done a really good job in providing new and unique flavors of Kit Kats throughout the world, while Hershey’s has been less than satisfactory. They did recently release a white chocolate KitKat. Color me underwhelmed.

However, Hershey’s has recently released a Coffee Flavor Kit Kat bar which is not bad. Sadly, it’s for a limited time only. Oh, and it seems Nestlé already has a “coffee” flavor. Available for more than a limited time.

UPDATE: As always, the internet has the answer. If you want the other flavors of KitKats not available in the States, you can always head over to ebay.

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