Kraft Cheese Divestiture: I Would Call this a Victory

Oh I so hope that this isn’t someone’s idea of a practical joke:

Kraft has long been associated with cheese products, and according to company filings, its North American cheese and food unit comprises more than 18% of its total business.

Those are among factors, along with what is perceived as potential challenges in selling the unit, that has led Kraft to attempt to retain and grow the business, the two sources close to the company said.

However, those same sources said that if Kraft could not show significant increased growth and associated profit, it could consider an attempt to divest the business.

It is only a rumor, and if it comes true, the products would likely end up in the hands of Conagra or Dean Foods. Fear not, as I would still carry my hatred of these products to the new owner.

But Kraft without cheese? The very idea brought a smile to my face this morning.