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Megnut has an excellent post up today about her philosophy surrounding food, both before and after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s a great read from start to finish, but I wanted to focus on one specific item…

This leads to what angers me about the recent foie gras bans, PETA, and animal rights activists in general. First, there’s the assumption you must be eating meat because you’re ignorant of where it comes from.

I cannot agree with her more on this point. On several of my more “meat-centric” posts, invariably someone will either comment on this site or another that I haven’t given my meat choices much thought.

Think about that for a moment…because my opinion differs from their own, apparently I haven’t taken the appropriate amount of time/effort/care in coming to my own conclusions. And it’s not just me, but anyone who still makes a choice to eat meat.

This is one of the reasons why it’s difficult for me to take vegetarians seriously. And when I say “vegetarians”, I mean the 4% who feel the need to vocally judge opposing choices based on “their” criteria, when in fact the criteria of judgements vary from person to person, and culture to culture.

Vegetarianism is a perfectly acceptable choice when it comes to diet. But it’s not a choice for everyone. It’s too bad that there are some vegetarians out there who don’t understand that.

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