last post – give thanks

color burst!

I often worry about being asked to make a speech in the company of friends or family. I find that sometimes these speeches of mine border on trite, that I sound insincere and that I am not saying anything of significance or consequence. I have thought about my last post as a guest-contributor to the Accidenal Hedonist for awhile. What should I say? What would be a good ending vignette?

Being at the tail-end of the holiday season, I hope that you all have had a wonderful celebrating month. Or longer if you dive into the holiday month starting with Thanksgiving. And I wish you all a festive, joyous and the happiest of New Year – may it bring you happiness, prosperity, health and that elusive peace of mind.

i heart san antonio

The truth is I have nothing witty or wise to offer, other than thanks to all the readers through the last six months, and to Kate for giving me an opportunity to contribute to her excellent site. It’s been a lovely and wonderful process to come up with weekly content for the posts. I hope to sometimes drop in to scribble a few words here and there, leave you with a photograph or two and a recipe. If you made anything from any of the recipes I have written about, I’d love to hear if you liked it, if you had a favorite post, if you had a least favorite post, if something didn’t come out the way I explained in the recipe, or if you wanted me to write about something and I never did. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you all and thank you Kate for this terrific six month opportunity! All the best wishes in the New Year! And starting with 2008, I am hoping to return to a more regular posting schedule at my virtual home, the SassyRadish. Do stop by and say hello!