Latest Spinach/E. Coli update

E. Coli Strain Linked to Cattle Ranch.

All this proves is that two farms within a mile of one another, carried the same E. Coli strain. The next piece of evidence that needs to be uncovered is how the E. Coli arrived at each location. While it’s probable that a cattle farm with the E. Coli is the root cause of the strain found on the Spinach farm, there is yet no evidence to substantiate that theory. How the strain arrived at the Spinach location is the one of the keys to preventing future outbreaks.

Expect more movement on this within a week or so.

IRONY ALERT: Mexico recently banned American imports of lettuce, based off the latest recall (whihc in turn was based off of the latest E. Coli fears).

Tom Stenzel, president of the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Assn. lobbying firm in Washington was none to pleased, stating “This is an outrageous step that has no basis at all in science or food safety…”

Which, ironically, could easily be said about whatever process that allowed a bacteria from a cow’s intestine to land upon spinach farmland.

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