Let us welcome to Accidental Hedonist

It’s that time again, when we here at Accidental Hedonist rotate out and in writers.

So first, it’s heavy heart that we say so long to Vanessa from What Geeks eat. She has provided top notch posts over the course of the past six months, and her pictures both made me jealous and hungry. If you haven’t put her site in your RSS reader, you should. Her site is a great read. Thanks Vanessa for all the work you’ve done.

Now for the new folks. Yes, this is plural. I’ve decided to try something new, increasing the amount of guest writers from one to four. I had initially thought of increasing only to three writers, but there were so many great folks out there, that I looked at my budget and realized that I could afford one more than I had planned. The new guest writers are:

Emily Monaco: Taking over the veteran Saturday posting responsibility is Emily Monaco. Her site Tomato Kumato is filled with wonderful photos and exquisite recipes that make her a natural fit amongst the several other writers who have proceeded her.

Charmian Christie: With an extensive writing portfolio, Charmian provides a level of credibility to this site that I could only wish I could muster. She gets the Tuesday spots and will start posting tomorrow (if I’ve set up her account correctly).

Ben Garland: Ben is a regular commenter here, and has asked to provide the Vegetarian perspective to offset my pro-meat propaganda. So he gets the Wednesday spot (and I’m going to try to make Wednesday’s ‘Vegetarian day’, meaning I will endeavor not to post meat related articles on that day).

Maura McLaughlin: As our first Livejournal guest writer, Maura brings to the table an opinion and a desire to get to the root of what makes a good home gourmand. She is set to offer her posts up every Thursday.

So welcome these new writers one and all! I’m quite looking forward to seeing how this experiment turns out.