Let’s give it up for the 206!!

The Seattle Times Food Section recognizes that the Seattle Food Blog scene exists! Hoorray!

Let’s give it up for all of the Seattle food blogs mentioned…

  • Cornichon
  • Gluten-free Girl
  • I Heart Bacon
  • Orangette
  • Phat Duck
  • Roots and Grubs
  • Seattle Bon Vivant
  • Tasting Menu

And a special shout out to those Seattle Food Bloggers that should have been mentioned but weren’t:

  • Culinary Fool
  • Cookbook 411
  • But my kids won’t eat it
  • Belly Timber
  • Robotic Gourmand
  • A Food Lover’s Journey (which had no chance in hell in being mentioned in the Seattle Times, for reason that will become apparent once you click on the link)

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