Lettuce Hints and Tips and Trivia

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  • - There are five classifications of lettuce, with several varieties beneath in each classification:

    Butterhead Lettuces: Small, round, with loose leafs, these leafs range from pale green on the outside leaves to light yellow green on the inside leaves. Butterhead varieties include Boston and Bibb varieties.

    Crisphead Lettuces: Solid heads of tightly wrapped leaves. Varieties include Iceberg and Batavian. If you have the option, choose the Batavian over the Iceberg. Trust me on this.

    Looseleaf Lettuces: Leaves come from a single stalk rather than wrapped in a head. These leaves are more delicate than Crispheads and Butterheads.

    Celtuce: Chinese Lettuce. Known for it’s thickened soft stem which is perfectly edible, as opposed to the stems of Crispheads.

    Romaine: An elongated head of dark green, narrow, stiff leaves, with distinctive ribs reaching nearly the tip of each leaf.

  • - Purchase Lettuce that is crisp, clean and free of blemishes.
  • - for looseleaf leattuce, purchase lettuce that has unbroken leaves, with no wilting.
  • - Avoid iceberg lettuce that is lack any green coloring or have loose leaves.
  • - Avoid Romaine lettuce that has rust coloring.
  • - Do not soak your lettuce. Run your leaves under cold water and then dry by soaking on paper towels or with a salad spinner.
  • - Crisphead and Romaine varieties of lettuce can be kept in a refrigerator for up to a week after purchase. Other varieties, 3-4 days tops.
  • - Do not store lettuce next to bananas,apples, pears or tomatoes. The ethylene that these fruits give off will brown your lettuce prematurely.
  • - Dry your lettuce before storing.
  • - 1 lb of lettuce leaves equals roughly six cups.
  • - There is no proof that tearing leaves will allow your leaves to brown slower than if you cut them by knife. But hand torn lettuce certainly looks better than chopped lettuce.
  • - The greener leaves of lettuce contains more vitamins and minerals then the paler leaves. More flavor as well.

And now you know more about Lettuce than you ever thought you could.

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