Mad Cow: The Story amongst the Headlines

There has been plenty of activity in the past three weeks in regard the cattle and Mad Cow disease. Here are some headlines that write a larger story about Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (aka Mad cow). Ten bucks and a pound of ground beef from Safeway to the person first able to give the subtext to all of this.

Ninth case of mad cow confirmed in Canada

On Wednesday, Canada confirmed its ninth case of mad cow disease since 2003, in an Alberta bull that died on a farm last week. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said that a mature bull tested positive for mad cow, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Dr. George Luterbach, the agencyâ??s senior veterinarian for Western Canada, said the animalâ??s death caused the farm to identify it as an â??animal of interestâ? as part of a national surveillance program.

Latest Canada Mad Cow Case Shows Epidemic

Two major U.S. cattle groups reacted to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s overnight announcement of a new case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, by decrying the latest case as proof of an epidemic and calling for more information.

Canadian cattle slip past USDA safeguards

Hundreds of cattle from Canada, which this month confirmed its ninth case of mad cow disease, have entered the United States without government-required health papers or identification tags, according to documents obtained by cattlemen in Washington state.

Mad-cow scrutiny is scaled way back

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently scaled back mad-cow testing by more than 90 percent, leading to closure of the WSU lab and several others around the country.

USDA Refutes Washington Cattlemen’s Take On Canada Cattle Imports

USDA officials are disputing a claim by Washington producers that hundreds of Canadian cattle have crossed the border without the proper paperwork.

Bruce Knight, the USDA official charged with investigating whether any federal trade infractions occurred, told Dow Jones Newswires that initial review indicates there have only been a handful of errors in state-level documentation in Washington.

Uhhh…just how many is “a handful”?

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