Man bites dog: Man sues Atkins

Can you say moron? I knew that you could.

A man sues Atkins promoters, claiming the diet almost killed him.

Now I’m no fan of the Atkins diet, as I come from the school of “Eat less, exercise more…anyone telling you any differently is trying to sell you something”. But at the same time, I’m also a big proponent of personal responsibility. Did this fool consult his doctor? Did his doctor tell him that eating a low carb, high protein diet has risks that include high cholesterol and a blocked arteries, specifically if you eat mostly pork and red meat? My guess is no.

I have another reason for avoiding the Atkins diet: Low carb food, much like low fat food, tastes like crap.

And if you really want a diet that will help you lose weight, eat more veggies, fish, rice and fruit, an avoid red meat, chocolate and items with high fructose corn syrup. And expend more calories than you use during the course of a day. Repeat for six months. It really is that simple.

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