Mange Mon Geek

I wasn’t sure at first if I should share this with you: I mean, it’s in French, and I don’t know how many of our readers out there speak French. But after seeing several episodes and cracking up, I decided I could manage some sort of post with minor translations and explanations (if any of you are really that interested, I could be persuaded to provide a full transcript… or at least a recipe translation).

This is basically a mini web-based cooking show that Alex (aka my geek-French-boyfriend) introduced me to after weeks of reading my food blog, Tomato Kumato, and of course my guest blogs here. A sort of… “Hey, you like food. Here’s this food show I sometimes watch. Could be fun,” type gesture. At first, I thought it was terribly bizarre, but it’s grown on me.

The premise of the show is to create recipes that geeks could manage to eat, i.e., people whose lives revolve around computers, as the show sometimes says (the show is produced by a site called NoLife. That’s the target demographic.)

The recipes are supposed to be real recipes that can be used by those who have a hard time getting around a kitchen, which is why this first video surprised me: you’re not confused… they’re actually advocating making a sort of fried rice-esque dish with Coke. Coca Cola. Sweet, carbonated beverage.


I know you’re not supposed to knock it til you try it, but come on! There’s something about this that just makes me feel queasy… And I guess negates all of the ranting and raving I’ve been doing about French cooking culture: there are some things that seem like American inventions that have been “testé et approuvé” by French bloggers… like adding Coke to rice. I’m sorry. It just seems so weird.

The second video is for a recipe I may actually consider recreating: a sort of ricotta breakfast/dessert dish with berries. I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet, but the second I do, you can bet it will be going up on my blog. The story behind this episode also cracks me up: he’s supposed to be cooking a romantic breakfast in bed for his girlfriend, and at the end, he remembers he’s single. Because he’s a geek.

Poor geek… I’m a fan of the nerdy boys. Even if they have No Life.

Any of you who have had some high school French may get a kick out of checking out some of these videos. I really like the premise… too bad it’s not translated into English for those of you who took Spanish instead…