May Day, Immigration and the Food Industry

I offer the following to illustrate how much immigration, illegal or otherwise, affects the restaurant and food industries here in the United States. Something to think about on this day.

  • Boycott leaves restaurants scrambling
  • Boycott hits home for immigrants in Metro Detroit – “The impact could be huge,” said Katherine Terrell, an economics professor who studies Latin American labor issues at the University of Michigan. “It could shut down the agricultural sector, the service sector, the fast food industries, coffee shops and restaurants. I think every cook I know of in Ann Arbor is a Mexican immigrant.”
  • U.S. braces for mass immigration rallies – “The U.S.’s construction, agriculture and meat-packing are among those expected to be significantly affected”.
  • A day of symbolism, solidarity – Crisanto, whose organization is one of several groups helping to organize the demonstration, says he thinks workers from the agriculture, construction, hospitality, restaurant and manufacturing fields will join in the work stoppage.

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