Mayonnaise Margaritas


When Koji Nakamura mixes up a margarita cocktail, he adds a special ingredient – mayonnaise.

“Mayogarita”, a white drink with a hint of the creamy dressing, is one of several cocktails Nakamura serves in his “Mayonnaise Kitchen” restaurant in suburban Tokyo, which features mayonnaise on everything from toast and spaghetti to fondue.

It’s difficult to think of a cocktail ingredient that is more inappropriate. Mustard? Maybe. Curry sauce? Naw, I can see adding curry to a Bloody Mary. Mayo Margaritas even beats the TKO, the drink that I previously deemed the most disgusting.

For those who are curious, a TKO is a shooter that combines a shot of Tequila, a shot of Kahlua, and a shot of Ouzo. It was served to me at a bar in Sandusky, Ohio and is as disgusting as it sounds.

via Cocktail Chronicles