McDonald’s Sets Time limit for Drive-thru Parking

My guess is that if you wish to endear yourselves to your customers, this is not the way to do it.

The question of just how long it should take to eat fast food is being answered by the burger giant McDonald’s, which is making customers finish within 45 minutes or face a charge of £125.

Motorists who care to linger over their McMeals for any longer at some drive-throughs are receiving demands from a private company that manages car parks for the burger chain.

Okay, so it’s technically not McDonald’s, bur rather the car park authorities that are issuing the fines. But still, they still represent McDonald’s.

I have two comments here:

  • First. I doubt this would ever occur here in the States. We are too car-centric of a nation for us to put up with this for too long.
  • Second, if it did take place in here, this would change the fast food culture in many ways. Teenagers hang out in the parking lots of many places, as do cab drivers, and divorced parents looking for centralized locations to pick up children when parents exchange custody.

Still, I can’t imagine that Corporate McDonald’s is pleased of the negative press this is getting.

(via BoingBoing)