McDonald’s vs. The World

In perusing the variety of food blogs that I frequent, I came across to an interesting post by our favorite amateur gourmet, Adam. In this post, he posits that some folks may be a tad to hard on McDonald’s. His argument is that the taste of the food at Mickey D’s isn’t that bad, and that the culinary restaurants that some of us elites prefer aren’t as charitable nor romantic as some of us may believe.

He’s right of course. McDonald’s French Fries rock, and even a close friend of mine digs the Big Mac. If a gun was pointed to my head, I probably would admit that the quarter pounder isn’t horrible. On the other side of the coin, the reputation of restaurant world *is* built off the backs of the lower to lower middle class, often Mexican and Central Americans. One only needs to take a peek into the kitchen of these places to understand that. Adam is right…

…but these aren’t the point of the anti-McDonald’s meme that has been propagating over the past 10-15 years.

The issue is more than the fact that McDonald’s (or any fast food restaurant) is a corporation, and thus deserves our contempt. It’s more of the fact that these businesses are such horrible corporate citizens. They get this reputation in large part because they:

  1. Market their unhealthy food (primarily to children) to a tune of nearly 2 billion dollars a year.
  2. They continually underpay their employees, and fight against any regualtions that may require them to provide items such as health care
  3. The clearing of rain forest lands in order to have cattle ranching
  4. They annually produce over a million tons of packaging, used for just a few minutes before being discarded.
  5. Their lack of interest in the charges of cruelty to animals in regard to their killing practices
  6. Their lack of interest in health concerns surrounding how the cattle is processed, opening itself up to things like.. well…Mad Cow Disease

The argument most people have against fast food restaurants is not the quality of food (which is nominal at best), but that it also goes hand in hand with greed and lack of responsibility.

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