Meat Labels Hope to Lure the Sensitive Carnivore

I know that Whole Foods gets a fair amount of criticism (sometimes rightly so) but can anyone point me to any other supermarket chain that does things like this:

Whole Foods Market is preparing to roll out a line of meat that will carry labels saying animal compassionate, indicating the animals were raised in a humane manner until they were slaughtered.

The grocery chains decision to use the new labels comes as a growing number of retailers are making similar animal-welfare claims on meat and egg packaging, including free farmed, certified humane, cage free and free range.

It’s a solution that allows the animal right folks to educate the masses, yet does so without banning anything.

Let’s hope that these labels actually have some weight to them, unlike the nearly meaningless phrase “Free Range Chickens” found on your egg carton.

Thanks Jack!

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