Meta-blogging: A Business Partnership

It feels very odd announcing this, because I think and hope it may be indicative of other things to come at this site. Things have been pretty good around

I have recently signed a content agreement with the fine, fine people at Newstex. They will distribute the RSS feed of this site to people who use their various products and newsfeeds. In return, I get paid. How much I get paid will be determined by the amount of people who subscribe to my feed multiplied by the amount of days in any given month when Seattle has clear skies.

Or something like that. I didn’t read the contract in great detail.

I’m very excited about this deal, regardless of the financial opportunities it may or may not provide.

On a side note – expect an even larger announcement sometime in the next week. I can’t speak about it of yet, but I believe it may create a bit of a hullabaloo in the Food Blog Community.

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