Metablogging again: Food Blogs & Politics

In my travels of Food Blogs (via RSS feeds…a lifesaver when reading hundreds of posts a day), there’s been a few posts about the inauguration, and then a few posts from others complaining how Food Blogs should be free of political coverage. This situation also happened after the election.

As our community evolves, and as more readers find us (and they will, with the recent press we’ve been getting), it’s important to realize a few things.

  • Food Blogs are first and foremost…Blogs. That means a person can write about whatever they feel like. If they want to take write about their feelings about politics, it’s entirely within their rights. There is no one standard way to write a food blog.
  • Blogs are as much about the person writing the blog as it is the subject that they are writing about. If one wants to read about Food only , without the personality of the writer, there are plenty of mediums (magazine, cookbooks, web sites) that can fill that request.
  • I can’t speak for other Food Blog writers out there, but I know that I write for myself. I don’t write what I think other would be interested it, nor do I write necessarily to get more readers to my site. Is it in the back of my mind? Absolutely. If other Bloggers out there have the same state of mind, then I find it odd when some complain when a blogger doesn’t write about what they want them to. That position seems contrary to what blogs are all about.

Now, having said all that, I do find it very humorous that a few sites (I’m not naming any names here) fell for the very-much-most-likely-fake inaugural menu containing dishes such as:

  • “Pilgrim’s Pride” Turkey brined in Coca-Cola, stuffed with Sweet and Savory Dunkin Donuts “Old Fashioned Cake Donut” Stuffing (Inspired by Pioneer Lonnie Pilgrim, Chair, Pilgrims Pride Corp., Ranger Barclay T. Resler, Vice President Government Relations Coca-Cola and Dunkin Donuts).
  • A trio of “Safeway Greens” (selected by Steven A. Burd, Pioneer and President, Chair and CEO of Safeway Inc.)
  • Krispey Kreme Donuts Glazed with Nestle “NesQuik” Hot Fudge Sauce, Ashers Chocolate Mini-Pretzels.

As satire, the “menu” is a work of art. Littered with references to Corporate Donors as well as being a nod at white-trash attempts at haute cuisine, the “menu” succeeds because it’s just believable enough without going over the edge. It works because we believe Bush to be beholden to Corporate America and a bit of a hick.

In reality, the lunch menu consisted of Scalloped Crab and Lobster,Roasted Missouri Quail, Chestnuts and other fine foods. A quick check of Google News verified all of the above.

Regardless, the next four years are going to be rough, at least for some of us in food land.

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