Mexican Coke is Everywhere

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve seen Mexican Coke (also known as Coke made with real cane sugar rather than High Fructose Corn Syrup) in several major grocery chains here in Seattle, including Safeway, QFC (Kroger’s), Thriftway, and of course CostCo.

Now CostCo isn’t much of a surprise because they’ve been selling the stuff for years. But the other chains are a bit of a surprise, mostly because a few years back, Coca-Cola was threatening lawsuits and claiming that importing Mexican Coca-Cola was akin to bootlegging (which is hysterical in its own right, as bootlegging is very much prohibition-era tactic of hiding a bottle or flask of booze in one’s boot, which itself evolved into a meaning making and/or transporting an illegal beverage. Bootlegging a legal soda? Pure hyperbole.)

It’s now four years later and suddenly major grocery chains have access to Mexican Coke? Either the major grocery chains are knowingly going against the wishes of Coke’s corporate line, or Atlanta has decided to lighten up a bit. If it’s the latter, my question is this – why don’t they just admit defeat and start making a sugar cane version of Coca-Cola?