Michael Ruhlman Webcast

Michael Ruhlman sent me a note to let us know about a web event that some of you may be interested:

hi kate,

i don’t know if it’s germane to anything, but i’m speaking at cap and gown university convocation today at 4:30 or 4:40. It’s going to be webcast at case.edu/convocation/webcast.html. I’m talking about food and cooking and broader things we might learn from doing so. some of
it comes directly from my blogging experience at megnut (i’d have
written to her but she’s traveling). I have no idea if you think that might interest people who visit your site, but i had such good feedback from folks at megnut i just want to send it along fyi. i’m speaking to faculty and students, so it’s likely to be humorless and painfully
didactic, but there is.

Keep up the great work on your site.

Michael Ruhlman

If you’re a Michael Ruhlman fan, here’s your chance to here him speak.

UPDATE: The time listed above would be Eastern Time.

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