Moments when life is good

So I’m sitting at home in my studio apartment. I am geeking out on the internet, as I am prone to do, when there is a little knock upon my door.

It’s fairly late, and I live in a building that you have to be buzzed in, so I am suspicious. I carefully open the door, and what do I see?

Why it’s a certain special someone, bearing a certain special gift: A cookbook.

Not any cookbook, but a special cookbook – Pure Chocolate : Divine Desserts and Sweets from the Creator of Fran’s Chocolates written by Seattle’s own Fran Bigelow.

I’m given specific instructions. To earn this book, I have to complete two tasks:
1) I have to make a version of the Key Lime White Chocolate Tart that’s coincidentally bookmarked already.
2) I have to make the Alsatian Onion Tart that Orangette had posted only days before.

I agree to these stipulations. The cook book is handed over and I drool over the pictures for the rest of the evening.

*sigh* My life is so good.

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