Monsanto Strategies

Some of you may already know this, but for others, this may be a bit of a shock…

What’s one way for Monsanto to affect public discourse?

Why, pay the reporters of course.

In his Jan. 5 (Scripps-Howard News Service) column, (Michael) Fumento wrote that the St. Louis-based Monsanto has about 30 products in the pipeline that will aid farmers “but also help us all by keeping prices down and allowing more crops to be grown on less land.”

What Fumento didn’t say in that column is that conservative Hudson Institute — recieved a $60,000 grant from Monsanto back in 1999. Why does this matter? Well it seems Mr. Fumento is a senior partner at the aforementioned think tank.


One might think that this is an important piece of information that the reader just might like to know.

Luckily, so did Scripps-Howard who fired Mr. Fumento today. Score one for ethics.

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