Monsanto wants to own your Pigs

Never one to underestimate the evilness of some corporations, I bring you today Monsanto, who wishes to not only Patent a swine breeding process, but to also own every swine that results from said process, even if someone comes by the breeding process naturally.

That’s Monsanto, who’s motto should be “Monsanto owns new swines and nobody tries otherwise”.

Too clunky of a motto?

How about “Monsanto: Damn, we’re even more evil than Kraft!”

If you have your own motto for Monsanto, leave ‘em in the comments. I’ll post the ones that make me laugh at a later date.

UPDATE: Mithrandir notes in the comments:

The thing you have to remember about patents is that they expire. Regardless of how
broad the patent or how evil the terms of the patent license, the patent itself has
at most two decades of shelf life, and then it enters the Public Domain.

There are many problems with the patent system, but unlike copyright, it is not

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