Mostly About Food and Megnut – Link Love

I get link requests nearly everyday. I wish I could like to everyone as well as mention them in the posts, but sadly there’s not enough time in the day to give mad props to everybody.

However, I do want to send some link love to Mostly About Food, a new Food Blog done in the Comic Strip format. It’s a rather neat concept and done very well.

What caught my attention was that the author of the site, Kalle Räihä, saw fit to play to my sense of narcissism by creating a comic strip about yours truly and then sending it to me over e-mail. Apparently he’s also been courting other sites as well, which I think is great. Head over to Mostly About Food when you get a chance. The guy put a fair amount of work into his request.

* * * * *

While in the midst of giving out the link love, I wanted to also thank Meg over at Megnut, who helped get this site some boingboing love a week or so back. Meg, for those of you not prone to following the Blog Underworld, co-founded Pyra Labs, the company behind Blogger. She even has her own entry in Wikipedia and everything! She recently converted her blog into a full time food blog, because she knows a good thing when she sees it. Please give her site some love as well, as her posts have been provocative and fun, two things I like to see in any writing.

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