My Ireland/Scotland Itinerary

After much planning and consternation, my friend Krysta and I have finally finished the pre-planning for the Ireland/Scotland trip. All the hotels are booked, the airline tickets purchased, and the car rentals secured. The schedule is as follows:

As you can see there are still some days that can be filled up. Any suggestions or requests will be much appreciated.


  • Feb 16: Arrive in Dublin. Get bearings and deal with any possible jet lag. Enjoy hotel and explore neighborhood where hotel is located (Trinity College/Merrion Square area). A trip to a pub is also likely in order.
  • Feb 17: Dublin. Visit a whiskey shop (yet to be determined) and do some non-whiskey, touristy stuff (we’re probably head to the Guinness brewery).
  • Feb 18: Antrim. This will be the toughest day the entire trip, with about eight hours of driving. We’re heading to Bushmills, spending a few hours there, and then looking at the giant’s causeway and then heading back to Dublin. It’ll easily be a 12 hour day.
  • Feb 19: Cork. Leaving Dublin early in the morning, we hope to be in Cork by noonish. We’re likely to visit the Midleton Distillery and other scenic touristy stuff. No fools us, we’re spending the night in Cork. I also want to get a picture of the Father Mathew statue.
  • Feb 20: Kilbeggen and Tullamore. Another 3 hour plus car ride from Cork to just about an hour west of Dublin. Spend the day in this area before heading back to Dublin for the night. I have one interview in this area.
  • Feb 21: Dublin. I have one interview tentatively scheduled. I also hope to do the Jameson distillery tour (although I suspect it won’t be that much different from the Midleton tour).


  • Feb 22: We fly from Dublin to Edinburgh in the morning. I have a meeting at the Scotch Whisky Association in the afternoon. Settle into the hotel and chill.
  • Feb 23: Edinburgh. If we are unable to do the touristy bit of the Scotch Whisky Association tour on Friday, then we do it this day. I’m hoping to find a decent pub here as well. We’ll also likely do the Castle on this day.
  • Feb 24: Speyside. Today we drive from Edinburgh to Speyside and settle into the inn. Perhaps a dram or two at the attached bar. Yes, this is another 3 hour plus car trip that will take us directly through the Highlands.
  • Feb 25: Speyside. Light on the car travel today. Two distilleries to visit, Glenfarclas and Glen Grant. back to the Inn for dinner and sleep.
  • Feb 26: Speyside. Glenfiddich and Balvenie in the afternoon. I’m looking into Cardhu in the morning.
  • Feb 27: Speyside in the morning, and a visit to a cooperage (barrel maker). Loch Ness in the mid-afternoon. And then another 3 hour drive to Oban.
  • Feb 28: While we’re technically in Oban this day, I’d like to get over to Islay. The problem? Ferry logistics. Any advice here would be much appreciated.
  • Feb 29: Oban in the morning and the Oban distillery. Drive to Glasgow in the afternoon, with one scenic detour.
  • Mar 1: Glasgow. I have no plans for Glasgow as of yet. Looking to fill this day up with an interview or two.
  • Mar 2: Fly home to Seattle.