My New Year Resolutions!

As per tradition, I’m going to state my New Year’s resolutions here for public consumption. Although personally, I don’t see them as much as resolutions as much as Goals. But calling a post “New Year Goals” sounds like a bit out of a motivational seminar held in a dirty Budget Inn located in Omaha. I wish to avoid that comparison for reasons which I hope are obvious.

So, in front of the world audience, I resolve to:

Continue make fun of Food Corporations: Kraft, Hershey’s and Anheuser-Busch are easy target’s, to be sure. But c’mon, it’s such fun to poke the folks who say that Budweiser is a “premium” beer, or those who claim that pudding involves no cooking.

Continue to Make fun of myself: After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander…er…goose…er…other goose.

Edit my posts before publishing: And with that comes learning how to spell both ‘receive’ and ‘occasion’ accurately.

Flip the virtual bird to the companies that really deserve it: Monsanto? I’m looking at you here.

Drink more liquor: Because liquor is a tasty beverage that deserves both respect and knowledge.

Find an agent for my book proposal: I know, I know…A food blogger with a book proposal. How quaint.

Exercise: Hey, it needs to be said. If I’m going to drink more liquor, I should punish myself somehow.

Eat Well: Whether for taste or ethics, eating well is what I think sets the foundation of our lives.

Right more cheap jokes: Damn. I think I already blew the editing resolution.

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