New Book Topic Announced, kinda, sorta

This is a brief note to let you know that I am writing a new book proposal, which means a change in the book topic* that will be covered here. The new book proposal is actually an old book proposal – Beer and Beer history.

What this means is that you’re likely to see some posts on beer (other than pilsners) on this here site from time to time, until the proposal is finished and out the door.

The reason for the change is simply one of circumstance. An opportunity has arisen to take advantage of some of the ideas in the old book proposal and package it in a different manner, and try to sell it. If the proposal doesn’t sell to a major publisher, then there’s an alternative path that I want to take the book down. In essence, it’s a proposal that has a multitude of opportunities, with new challenges to face, and I couldn’t pass that up.

I will return to the Spice Trade book proposal after the beer book proposal project is complete.


*Note: For those not acquainted with the new policies on “topics”, see this entry.

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