New “Feature” – Tasting Notes

I hesitate to call this even a feature, as I don’t believe it will be useful to anyone but myself. Regardless, regular readers of this site will soon see innocuous posts in which I try to describe what tastes I get when eating certain foods.

There are two purposes of this: 1) To develop my vocabulary when describing foods. And 2)To create a food diary of sorts that I can refer back to in future days.

I got the idea from reading an article about (I think) Mimi Sheraton, who kept a diary for ten years describing everything she had tasted. It helped her create her own “knowledge base” so that she could critcally speak of foods with authority.

I will pre-pend each post with “Tasting Note” so you can dismiss outright or read at your on leisure. I’m not sure what will come of this idea, but we shall see soon enough.

Now, back to more food.