New Poll: Bottled Water?

There’s a new poll off to the left there, asking the basic question – Do you have any qualms in buying and/or drinking bottled water?

The reason I bring this up today is that I came across a great article on bottled water, written by a bottled water judge.

Why this sudden passion for bottled water, a product that practically didn’t exist in America just 40-odd years ago? While environmentalists decry the entire process of creating plastic bottles, filling them, capping them with more plastic, and shipping them all over the place, consumers keep on buying. Most people would say they buy bottled water because it is healthier and safer to drink than the stuff that pours from the tap. But a significant minority of users would offer another answer: Bottled water tastes good. Tap water doesn’t.

I’ve mentioned before that I while I do try to avoid bottled water as much as possible, I often end up consuming some when I go out to eat. I like mineral water, and most every place only serves these from a bottle. I do try to order club soda if I can remember to do so, but the phrase “Mineral water, please” is as ingrained in my speech patterns as “Do you know how fast you were going?” is to a traffic cop.

I do avoid the Dasani’s and the Aqua Blues of the world, simply because I don’t need bottled tap water, when tap water is readily available. And as far as the taste of tap water, it’s amazing how much a Brita filter can alter water’s taste (as long as you remember to change the filter).

So I’d like to say that I don’t drink bottled water, but that’d be an untruth.

What’s your take on bottled water? As always, add your take to the comments.