New Poll: Cloned Animals

This weeks poll is based off of the recent FDA findings that there is nothing wrong with cloned animals, at least when it comes to food products.

My own take is pretty straightforward, but comes down to three seemingly contrary points.

First – There’s no evidence that shows that food (be it milk or meat) from cloned animals is markedly different from food from animals bred the regular way. This is not to say that the two products are the same, it’s simply that there’s no evidence yet to prove that they are not.

Second – I have no moral qualms about cloning, but I recognize the fact that many people might. It is primarily this reason that I think that foods should be labeled as “derived from cloned animals”. The consumer should have the right to this information, and that the industry wishes to keep this information from us is simply unconscionable.

Third – I have no faith at all in a great majority of America’s meat companies and a fair amount of larger dairies. If there’s money to be made from fudging a report and hiding necessary information, I believe many of these companies will do just that. It is due to this belief that comes my conclusion that – if there is something wrong with products from cloned animals, these companies will only exacerbate the problem. This is also a good argument on why labeling should occur. For if there is a problem, there should be a process in place that would get any product out of the marketplace in relatively easy fashion.

Feel free to take the poll or place your own comments and beliefs in this post.