New Poll: Favorite Breakfast Cereal?

It’s nostalgia time again here at the Hedonist. This time we go back to the era of the Saturday morning, the only time of the week where we were allowed to eat in front of the television. We would watch cartoons (usually Bugs Bunny) and partake in our favorite breakfast cereal.

The rest of the week was dedicated to Mom’s choice of breakfast, whether it was eggs, oatmeal, or Rice Krispies. But Saturday? Saturday was when it was my or my siblings choice.

Over the course of several years we sampled a fair amount of different cereal. There were the heavy hitters of course, those who still exist today – These would be the ones sold by the likes of Tony the Tigers and the Trix Rabbit. But there were also the cereals now mostly forgotten – King Vitamin, Baron von RedBerry, Crazy Cow, Pink Panther Flakes, and of course Quisp and Quake. If there was a toy involved, all the better.

But which cereal best represents that period of time for me? I was a fan of Peanut Butter Crunch, and I also had a place in my heart for the Boo Berry. But if there is one cereal that screams “Saturday Morning in the 70s”, it would have to be…


Yes, Alpha-Bits.

It is the one cereal that I cannot recall any specific cartoon character hawking. But it did have three other components that make its memory so Saturday Morning specific. One, it came in a brightly colored box. Two, it often came with a cheap plastic two inside. And finally, it was sugar coated.

So, what was the breakfast cereal of choice when you were younger? Hit up the Poll to the left, and leave a comment here.