New Poll: New Years Resolution

In the past two days I’ve made a duck dinner, and then created a cheese and cracker “buffet” for our Christmas plans. Add the cookies on top of this and the various holiday parties and foods that had been consumed, and the end result is “The Dreaded Weight Gain”.

The Dreaded Weight Gain typically leads to guilt, which in turn leads to a vow to lose the weight that one has put on over the course of the past six weeks. This vow takes form in the “New Years Resolution”.

So, todays post-Christmas poll to the left asks, how much weight are you planning to lose with your New Year’s resolution?

As for myself, I try not to play the numbers game, as I don’t want to have my life dictated by my scale. So I make it easy on myself. My vow is to weigh less at the end of 2008 than I do at the end of 2007.

As always, feel free to leave any comments and exclamations on this post. Note that your answers are anonymous unless you feel the urge to tell us who you are.