New Poll – On the Thanksgiving Table

This weeks poll has to do with Thanksgiving – specifically, what food are you looking forward to the most on Turkey day, other than Turkey.

For myself, it comes down to my Mother’s turkey stuffing. It is the most simple of dishes, and yet it was the item I most looked at with the most anticipation. A bit of sage, a bit of black pepper, a little salt, and a whole lot of onion, and she cooked it in the turkey (a food safety no-no today). What came out was this moist breading that tasted of the Thanksgiving bird. It sopped up gravy with ease, and tasted divine.

The other dish that is long gone was the cranberry crisp that my Mom’s partner’s parents used to bring to the dinner. It must be thirty years since I’ve last had this dish, but every year I look at the menus of the local restaurants to see if they will have something comparable. Perhaps it’s time to try to recreate this recipe myself.

Feel free to leave your most anticipated dish in the comments. I realize that many T-giving dishes are family specific, so the ones listed in the poll are somewhat generic (although mostly traditional). This is the perfect time to tell us about some of the less than traditional dishes your family may serve.