New Poll: Pizza Toppings

For some, it not the type of toppings that matter, it’s the amount of them. Today’s poll asks you to defend your topping amount preference. Do you go for a cheese and Sauce only, or do you prefer those deep dish monsters that have a multitude of options within?

My preference is for one topping, although about 5% of the time, I’ll get all crazy and up the topping amount to two. It’s usually a meat product (depending upon the place where I order…and yes, I do consider anchovies meat), with mushrooms or onions providing the supporting role. Yes, I am aware of the California style pizza, and find it amusing that they believe that artichokes on pizza is revolutionary. I also find Hawaiian pizza quite wonderful. But even with these new options available, I am, for lack of a better phrase, an American Pizza traditionalist.

So, what’s your pizza choice? How many toppings and which ones? Add your preference to the comments of this post.