New Poll: The Best American Food City

There’s a certain conceit amongst New York food folks that they live in the area of the country where they can get anything – from a decent pastrami sandwich, to authentic regional Chinese cuisine, to farm fresh produce. They are also the city of the five star restaurant as well as home to many of the major food media outlets.

However, are they truly the best representative for American food? Are they so far beyond the norm that they no longer reflect the American food culture? Or do other cities have even more interesting and more robust approaches to food?

I love New York. Don’t get me wrong. But in all honesty, I’ve had better all around food experiences in San Francisco. The food there may not have been as diverse, but it certainly tasted better all around. When I have eaten in New York, I had as many lows as I did highs.

So, if I were able to choose the best city for American food, I’d pick the West Coast over the East, and go with San Francisco.

What city would you choose? Feel free to add your two cents in the comments of this post.