New Poll: Valentine’s Day Chocolate

It’s a tradition that seems to be a bit of a cliche: A dapper young man in his early 20′s giving his date a huge heart shaped box filled with an assortment of chocolates. It is a major signifier of Valentine’s Day here in the United States. Pharmacies and Department Stores have displays of these boxes.

And yet I do not know of anyone who has ever received a heart shaped box of chocolate. I think this odd as this image of chocolate packaging seems so ingrained into my Valentine’s Day imagery.

I have received chocolate and have given as well, both only once. Again, this seems odd to me as I have now been on this planet for close to forty-one years. Receiving chocolate 2.5% of the time seems a tad out of the mainstream.

So this begs my polling question: How popular is the act of giving chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

As alwayss, feel free to add your point of view and/or experiences in the comments of this post.