New Poll – When is a person a vegetarian?

In the recent discussion about the term “vegetarian inclined”, it came to me that what is really needed is a clear delineation between who is a vegetarian and who is not. Thus the new poll off to the left side of this site.

I recognize that the choices I have put over there may be a bit limiting. But there are people who eat meat on a regular basis (whether its a year, month, or week) who call themselves vegetarians. The real goal here is to faciliate a discussion in the comments on what, exactly, vegetarianism consists of.

And yes, that means that discussions regarding lacto-vegetarianism and ovo-vegetarianism is fair game as well. Are people who eat eggs really vegetarians? Or are they omnivores (or even ‘vegetarian inclined’) in disguise.

Typically when I put up a poll, I give my opinion to start off the discussion, but not being a vegetarian makes this task a bit more difficult for me. My own opinion is that one either eats animals or one does not. There is no gray area to being vegetarian. Eating fish or mollusks is equal to eating a porterhouse steak. Claims of vegetarianism where the evidence is contrary reminds me of people who claim they are Christians when they never go to church or never open the Bible.

As one can imagine, this point of view is probably not all that popular, which is why I posted the poll.

So…what makes a person a vegetarian?