New Poll: Which Holiday are you most looking forward to, from a food point of view?

More than anything, what autumn signifies to me is the four month period of time where food and festivities come to the forefront. Over the course of the next quarter, there’s going to be several major holiday where food plays a major part.

Today’s poll is looking to find out which holiday means the most to you, at least from a food perspective.

For me, it’s typically Thanksgiving, which is the time of year when Tara and I head out to a restaurant and have someone else cook a big meal for a change. Sometimes we go kitschy (we went to an Indian buffet one year), other times we go to the four star restaurants. This is a tradition for me going back to when I was away from family, and unable to make it home.

Alas, this year, we won’t be participating in this tradition, as I will be off to Calgary, Alberta, to do some whisky research (There are at least two distilleries in Calgary, and the whisky traders play an important part in the founding in the city). What this means is that I’m likely going to make a T-giving dinner the weekend before (or perhaps we’ll settle on a night at one of them thar fancy joints here in Seattle).

So, good people of the internet: What holiday are you looking forward to, and why? Feel free to elaborate in the comments of this here post.