New Poll – Would you eat Haggis?

Today’s Poll is an easy one, and one that I think I could probably guess the percentage answer – Would you eat Haggis? (real haggis, not vegetarian).

The reason I ask this is due to a conversation I’ve had with the owner of the hotel we’re currently staying at here in Speyside. It seems that he has, on numerous occasions, had to convince people that haggis is good. Even then many of them were not compelled by his arguments.

At the risk of biasing this for-fun-only and completely-unscientific survey, I find this a fair bit surprising. Travel is the perfect time to try things that are unfamiliar or unavailable in your regular life. For example, last night I was finally able to have sticky toffee pudding. Of course it wasn’t made in a sheep’s stomach, so it’s not a fair comparison.

Feel free to vote in the left column, and leave any comment in this post.