New Poll: Year Round Produce

Today’s poll may need a bit of explaining.

It used to be, back in olden times, that items such as strawberries, asparagus, tomatoes, and many other types of fruits and vegetables were only available during a very specific time of the year.

Over the past generation, with advances made in technology and transportation, as well as deals made with importing countries, it’s now possible to have certain produce available all year long.

My question to you, dear reader, is thus: Is this a good thing?

Certainly there are convenience benefits, and I must admit, it is nice to walk into a grocery store in late October and see asparagus available.

But this convenience comes at a price. For some it means genetically modifiying the produce to be able handle longer trips, usually at the expense of taste (tomatoes are the best example of this). Other times it means that the carbon footprint left by the importation of food may outweigh any convenience benefits we may see (i.e. grapes from Argentina).

From my own point of view, I am suspicious of anything that sacrifices taste in order to maintain a larger profit margin. And while I’m not a full-fledged member of the local produce movement, I still have to wonder if seeing beans from Brazil is a good thing for our environment or even economy.

As always, feel free to expound upon your opinion in the comments of this post.