New Poll – Your Kitchen Stuff

This week’s question may sound trivial, but to those of us who hang out in the kitchen a fair amount, we’ll know the answer to it. The question? What item in your kitchen do you appreciate the most?

Is it the coffee machine that provides you with your morning dose of caffeine? Or is the the chaffing dish that has been handed down to you from your grandmother? It may be a special knife that retains its sharpness and simply feels good in the hand. Perhaps the copper pots that you have invested an entire paycheck upon makes you smile.

For me, there are two items. One is the KitchenAid mixer that I bought myself about a year ago. It’s sturdy and durable, and has improved my baking by an incalculable amount.

There’s also a knife that I purchased Tara for Christmas two or three years ago. It feels good in the hand and is still remarkably sharp. I treat it ten times better than I do my own knives.

So what item in your kitchen do you love? Feel free to explain your joy in the comments.